Annual Events in Georgetown, TX

Georgetown has its fair share of monthly and weekly “fun stuff to do” entries in its social calendar. Everything from beer tasting to whiffle ball to board gaming meetups (and probably some weird combination of all three) are just waiting to be experienced if you feel sufficiently socially inclined.

While all that regular meet ’n greet fare is great, there’s something particularly appealing about Georgetown’s wildly eclectic assortment of annual events. They’re almost comically diverse, catering to the whims and passions of everyone from staunch classicists to gnarly motor-heads, to ambidextrous ferret-enthusiasts.

Here’s just a handful of Georgetown’s annual events which you should check out at least once.

The Georgetown Classic Car and Vintage Plane Show

Riddle me this. How often do you get to fly in a B25 bomber? If you’re an aviation enthusiast, or even if you just dig the roar of a colossal engine and that sudden acceleration gut punch which pushes you back in your seat, then the Georgetown Classic Car and Vintage Plane Show is going to be something to mark on your calendar.

Oh and if the B25 experience is insufficient to satisfy your altitude cravings, you can go up in a C-47 and a helicopter for bonus points.

On top of all that, Georgetown has some of the most beautiful and rare classic cars in the US. It’s worth the price of admission just to wander among all the beautifully restored monuments to motoring history.

The Georgetown Classic Car and Vintage Plane Show happens in late February each year. You can learn more about it here.

The Georgetown Swirl

So, question. Do you like the jazz? OK then. Do you happen to also enjoy a tipple of wine while eating amazing food? If you nodded enthusiastically to either of the above, the Georgetown Swirl has got your name all over it.

Here’s the format in a nutshell. Held in Georgetown’s beautiful town square in March, jazz-loving foodies gather en masse like snappily dressed seagulls. With live jazz music creating a bouncily sophisticated acoustic backdrop, aforementioned blinged up foodies proceed to wander around, happily partaking of great local food and a delicious selection of Texas wines.

And if you’re prepared to go all-out, you can fork out a little extra for VIP status. This gives you priority seating, more great wine and an early reception for that added touch of exclusive schmooze. Oh and more food. You also get more food.

Texas Bach Festival

If you’re of a more classical bent, you can always get bach to basics. See what I did there? The Texas Bach Festival happens in July, and it affords classical musical lovers and art history buffs their time to shine.

The Texas Bach Festival comprises not two, not three but a whopping four days of Baroque music. With ten separate concerts on offer, you get the opportunity not just to explore the music of Bach, but also of composers who followed in his footsteps. It’s like a history lesson through musical performance.

The event incorporates several mix and mingle functions throughout the performance schedule, so you’ll have a possibly quite rare opportunity to chew the musical fat (sorry, that’s an unfortunate expression) with like-minded Baroque enthusiasts.

For more information and event details, check this link.

K9 Kerplunk

This event has the unique distinction of requiring that you present a valid proof of rabies vaccination on entry. How many events have you gone to where you need that? Less than three, I’m guessing.

September marks K-9 Kerplunk month, and it is every dog owner’s opportunity to parade their faithful furry canines for the world to see.

How to describe this amazing festival of furriness? Picture a huge pool party where people are splashing around, showing off and generally being shamefully hedonistic. Now swap out the people and add in a horde of hyped up dogs who can’t believe their luck.

Welcome to K9 Kerplunk.

It’s pretty much dog heaven on earth and (provided your eardrums can handle it) is a spectacle you should witness at least once in your life. Trust me, your dog will sleep well that night!

Nightmare on Jail Hill Haunted House

Ah, Halloween. In Georgetown like so many other areas, it’s the perfect time for people to unleash their inner freaks on an unsuspecting populace.

The Nightmare on Jail Hill Haunted House experience is the perfect ‘kind of spooky but mainly just silly fun’ event on Georgetown’s October calendar. The thing that makes this particular Halloween experience so worthwhile is that it’s such a chaotic jumble of creepy themes: from skeletal cowboys to enraged spectral pumpkins to people wandering around with Freddy Kruger masks.

Held at the appropriately spooky Historic Williamson County Jail, it’s just wonderfully silly fun.

Georgetown is a busy place, socially. There’s always something going on. While there’s well and truly enough regular events to keep even the most ADD person amused, it’s worth adding a few social events to your calendar too. They’re odd, they’re eccentric and they each offer a unique little slice of Georgetown life.