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Driveway Paving

This is a picture of a driveway paving.

The reason most driveways prematurely fail is not due weather or excessive wear and tear. Most driveways fail because best practices were not employed during the installation process.

Sand may have been used instead of gravel. A layer between the substrate and the sub base may not have been installed or the asphalt may have been stretched too thin. When any of these missteps occur premature failure is inevitable.

At Georgetown Paving Pros, we always follow best practices.  We don’t cut corners and our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty.


All Our Asphalt and Concrete Driveways Are Built to Last

  • A full site assessment is carried out before construction, to determine the correct materials, equipment and installation methods. 
  • Our asphalt and concrete driveways are crack, pothole and crumble resistant.
  • Designed to last a lifetime, with correct maintenance. 
  • Evenly-graded and constructed to permit surface water runoff—an important issue in any driveway built in Texas. 
  • Durable to vehicle, passenger and weather stresses.
  • A professional installation delivered on time and according to a detailed, costed construction plan, prepared and agreed on in advance. 
  • A road base and herbicide are applied to all surfaces to precent weeds from destroying the surface. Again, this is vital for a quality driveway built to last in Texas. 


Commercial Driveways

When it comes to commercial asphalt driveways, we highly recommend two layers of asphalt. This is particularly important for commercial driveways due to the increased level of usage.

If you expect to have semi-trucks, tractor trailers, excavators, buses and other multi-ton vehicles traversing your driveway, we can set you up with a driveway which won’t let you or your commercial property down. 


Why Hire Georgetown Paving Pros?

Our team at are local specialists in concrete and asphalt installations. 

We have equipment, materials and expertise you’re not going to find with a general contractor. 

We can deliver a better quality concrete or asphalt installation—faster and at a lower cost. 

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